Meet Rosa


Meet Rosa, the main character of my novel Emerald Drive. She is a shy and nervous, 27 year old new high school English  teacher who has always done as her parents have told her. Afraid to disobey and realize her parents’s worst nightmares, Rosa instead plays if safe and lives the life of a good daughter. She goes to church every Saturday with her family and does her best to be a good first year teacher. Life seems to be going according to plan but somehow Rosa still feels unfulfilled.

With her thirtieth birthday in the not too distant future Rosa begins to wonder if this is all life has to offer. As the eldest daughter of three she was raised by her parents to set a good example for her two younger sisters. She has always prioritized being responsible and getting ahead but now that she has finished her education and is beginning her career Rosa wonders if she will ever get to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Now that she is getting older Rosa worries that she may never find the man of her dreams. Between teaching and being a good daughter and sister Rosa has no time to look for love and it seems no one notices her either until an off chance reconnection with an old acquaintance sparks a romantic journey that will shake Rosa to her core. In her quest for love and self-fulfillment Rosa learns that she cannot stay within her comfortable safe zones. If she truly wants to grow and connect with others she will have to trust her instincts and risk losing everything she has worked for.



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