Meet Victor


Meet Victor, he is Rosa’s love interest in my novel Emerald Drive. Victor and Rosa are old acquaintances. Both grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools. As young children they never connected or became friends because Rosa was too much of a goody two shoes for Victor’s taste.  Victor and his friends liked to have fun. In grade school they enjoyed pulling pranks on their teachers and flirting with the popular girls. Rosa was nowhere on Victor’s radar until about ten years after leaving high school when by chance Victor gets a friend request on social media from her.

Victor is living in much the same way that he had when they were younger and walking through the same school halls. He enjoys being care free, drinking, and partying with friends.  When he received the friend request from Rosa he was intrigued. Now, at 27 years old, Victor is curious to find out more about the life Rosa has been living. Slightly intimidated and inspired by Rosa’s apparently successful life Victor goes out of his way to set up a date with her only to find out Rosa is harder to meet with than he anticipated.

Bogged down by work and family responsibilities Rosas is so elusive that Victor takes it as a personal challenge to make their date happen. In time the two meet and begin a casual relationship full of parties and drinking. Victor introduces Rosa to his friends and a lifestyle unlike hers. With vastly different personalities there is bound to be issues and Victor soon finds that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. With his love for Rosa surpassing anything he has known before, Victor will have to make life changing decisions that will test his love for Rosa and shape him into the man he needs to be.


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